Energy Management
Cogeneration and Trigeneration systems can also act as back-up power for services such as lifts, HVAC, lighting, computers and other essential services.
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Air Quality
Customers greatly appreciate the very high technical standards, reliable performance and professional after-sale maintenance service.
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Waste Management
Kent Law Energy (Pty) Ltd (KentLaw) is a South African registered company which offers smart green energy solutions. Efficient, and cheaper.
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Our products have a higher efficiency (80-95%) than conventional power production in the grid (30-40%) or through a generator limited to electricity.

About Us & What We Do

Kent Law Energy (Pty) Ltd (KentLaw) is a resource efficiency focused company. We help our clients to move to cleaner, efficient, and cheaper forms of energy. We also help our clients to Measure, Monitor, and Manage their Air Quality Emissions as well as their waste. Our purpose is to not only advise our clients about these solutions but to install and manage a highly efficient systems that allows the end-user to save money, manage their resources efficiently and to claim the rebates from the Department of Energy for using clean energy fuels and systems.

Our offering

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) also known as Co-generation & Combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) solutions also known as Tri-generation,
  • Micro-CHP and Micro-CCHP units for domestic and light industrial use
  • Gas Heat pump
  • Air Quality Management
  • Waste Management
  • Waste to Energy

Customers greatly appreciate the very high technical standards, reliability, unmatched performance of our systems and the professional after-sale maintenance service. Our Partners have decades of experience in the manufacturing and installation of these systems.