CHP units are delivered as standard

TEDOM CHP units1


  • With Sound Enclosure
  • As an Open Module
  • In a Container
  • In Modular Design

Fuel Types include – Natural Gas, Biogas, & Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Gas Heat Pump

The Polo 100 represents a compact device that provides its operator variable cooling and  heating  capacity depending on the specific operating conditions and energy requirements.

The combination of high quality German-made reciprocating compressor with exceptionally reliable Japanese industrial engine enables adaptation of Gas Heat Pump to various industrial and food-processing plants, office buildings, hotels, etc.

One single unit therefore allows to achieve significant energy savings or reduction of costs for preparing hot and chilled water.


CHP units

TEDOM CHP units1

The TEDOM range of CHP units are some of the most efficient systems in the market. Some of the systems have efficiency levels of up to 105% and savings of up to 40% in energy costs.

CHP units are available in various sizes from 7kW to 10MW. A comprehensive list of the sizes and efficiency levels for the Cogeneration and Trigeneration units are available on the Product Overview

Gas Heat Pump2
GHP Technical Sheet2

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