Technical Capabilities

Through our European partners TEDOM the systems are exported to more than 40 countries in the world – from Australia through China, Russia and the whole of Europe up to the Americas. Because of our partner’s long-term experience with CHP installations around the world, we are very flexible in meeting our clients’ different requirements.

Some of the larger installations include:

  • 8 MW installed electrical output Oilfield Kumkol, Kazakhstan – 2009
  • 5.2 MW installed electrical output in a Landfill, Getlini, Riga, Latvia – 2001
  • 13.4 MW installed electrical output Heating plants, WVV Energie, Czech Republic – 2009
  • 12 MW Installed electrical output for Industrial plant, Svit, Slovakia – 2010
  • 6 MW Installed electrical output in Hospital, Vimercate, Italy – 2009
  • 12 MW Installed electrical output in Airport, Sydney, Australia – 2012
  • 10 MW Installed electrical output for Oil Refinery, Petroil, Russia – 2005

Our Approach

  1. An energy use and needs analysis is completed to establish the system that would be most suitable for the needs of the client,
  2. This information will feed into the feasibility study to determine the best design, funding model, and ROI for the project. It also would help us establish the best approach for an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) or an Energy Supply Contract (ESC) that would be best for the client and for us,
  3. The EPC/ESC is signed,
  4. The project is developed and commissioned,
  5. Smart metering will be used to conduct measurement and verification which is an important tool to ensure compliance to the EPC/ESC contract. It can be regularly reviewed by the client and by us. Even though the C/CCHP units come with preinstalled telemetry equipment to measure the performance of the system is important for the claims to be submitted for the s12b and a12L tax rebates.
  6. KentLaw provides a managed service which helps the client save money, become less dependent on the grid, and they will have peace of mind to focus on what their primary business is instead of worrying about energy.